The mastermind is much more intimate, you're getting into very specific information about each particular deal, and how it can be structured, and while sometimes we, or some of us, may bring something to the mastermind that maybe we don't think will even work, or how it could even work. That's the whole power of mastermind, is everybody puts their heads together, and say, 'Well, have you thought about this? Have you thought about that?' It's much more in-depth, and creative.

My son asked me one day, 'Well, why do you go to those?' I said, 'Well, that's a good question,' and I said, 'You know, I think we go to learn from other people, so we don't make the same mistakes.'

Wendell Long

I truly believe that with this team I was able to walk forward with confidence, is knowing that I had the best behind me, they were watching me, they were gonna guide me to make sure I did not screw up and that everything would be worthy of a good deal.

We're meeting with people that are like minded, my peers, that are doing the same thing that I am. To have the group that are so connected and involved and wanting to help each other out has just been phenomenal and it's become a large family, we just all work together and it's just fantastic.

I can't thank Scott or Keith enough for the success that they have led me to and made me go and have the confidence to continue and have the success that I have now.

Sandy Smith

I've grown exponentially as far as where I was at the first mastermind, so I'm just really excited to see where all my colleagues and everybody will be the next time that we get together.

I'm so beyond excited to own my first facility and to learn all the crazy stuff that I'm learning along the way and trying to absorb it like a sponge.

I knew nothing coming into this program in 2016 in June, and this is where I'm at now. Gives me goosebumps.

Sandra Straughn

We found a deal that we brought to the Mastermind. It's a development deal, because our market is so competitive. And we presented it, and I got a whole lot of recommendations on how to present it to the bank, how to present it to other investors... You get to where you can distill down the information, and you can spot good properties. Just with three or four ticks off of your list, then you know whether or not you want to go deeper. And in the whole process of everything, we had investors falling in love with our project as much as we are in love with it.

I could see how I would just want to come to every Mastermind there is.

Monica Owen

The Mastermind fulfilled my expectations.

Everybody had a chance to chime in, and certain students that had more experience asked more in-depth questions, and some of the newer folks, like myself, either remained silent or they had some questions that I would have as a new student. I found that to be very helpful.

The number of deals that was covered was a lot more than I thought. The first day was, I think, six or seven deals, and the second day was even more, so I feel like I got a large amount of exposure to a variety of deals all the way from a small deal of like $250,000 all the way up to deals in excess of $2 million.

Matt Woeber

Presenting is a learning experience for everyone... I thought it was a great way to kind of build those chops and to get used to that conversation and answer those questions, because we will eventually be standing in front of investors making the same pitch.

Marc Stella

From day one I was made to feel like I belonged. That everything, every term, every definition, every concept was broken down into a way that I could understand and absorb it and apply it. It's not my knowledge, it's our knowledge… We've just hit the ground running.

Liz Ceresci

Up to my first academy I didn't really have any investing knowledge whatsoever… and going to one of Scott's courses three years ago. It really painted the picture that this asset class self-storage, while maybe not sexy, is a really strong asset class and made it attainable as well.

I am able to lean on Scott and his team to advise me, guide me, shoot ideas back and forth, so the path is a little easier. I don't have to recreate the wheel. There are a lot of things that they've figured out over the last ten years that my team is just figuring out now, and I feel like there's not any need to go down that road.

Jeff Smith

After taking the Home Study Course, and completing Scott’s group mentoring program, Scott invited me to participate in The Mastermind he held in Las Vegas at the Inside Self Storage Trade Show. I thought I knew all there was to know by now, but Scott’s Mastermind exceeded my expectations. As a result of the Self Storage Mastermind, I’m now growing my Self Storage portfolio and there’s no end in sight. I can tell you that learning with Scott and taking action has changed my life!

Alberto Bernardoni

We bought our first facility, a 687 unit, 68,000 S.F. property, out of a distress situation, with great cash flow already in place, for $2.5 million dollars. We rehabbed it and used your techniques to maximize the income and minimize expenses, and have had a blast doing it. Our positive monthly cash flow is now $22,000 per month, and the property is currently worth $3.8 million dollars. We are currently looking at 3 more facilities.

Kris McGee