After carefully evaluating several facilities, we were able to find a 150 unit, 16,000 s.f. for $600,000, with the ability to expand. Using your value-add strategies, we built more buildings on the property, and now the business has a $10,000 positive monthly cash flow and will provide a lifetime of income for our family.

Dan Bradley

Scott, thanks for everything! There are only a few men in the world who I can call honest men and not the EVERYDAY B. S. GURU! I’ve lost a lot of money (no fault of my own) by following those Guru Freaks who do not do what they say. A good friend of mine, Joe B., said to “stick with Scott and you will be led to the Promise Land”. This wise mentor of mine has never lead me wrong, and he and his partner have made an incredible difference in my life.

Thank You and God Bless You! You are a Man of Honor!

Alfred Hearst

Scott (Mastermind Organizer) is adept at leading and engaging conversations around deal presentations that will get us thinking and brainstorming about underlying problems, challenges and triumphs with which we can learn lessons and apply them... If you are looking for a Mastermind where you can meet quality business professionals, build business relationships, grow your business, boost your career and be a part of something greater than yourself; the Self-Storage Mastermind is the perfect place for you.

Eric Thompson

The Mastermind is giving me the skills to focus the use of my time. Fantastic networking tool. You have a tremendous number of years of knowledge of the business in that room. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of that and start to grow your own self.

Dan Goodman

It won't take a long time to realize that if you're looking for a secure, backed investment that will get you a better rate of return, this is something you need to take a look at. Value across the board ... the knowledge is valuable, the opportunities are valuable -- priceless. Outstanding.

Armond Dorico