A Personal Note from Scott Meyers

“It’s lonely at the top… but the view is better…”


Dear fellow investor,

If you’re like me, you’ve spent umpteen years and who-knows-how-many dollars getting to where you are today.

You’ve seen markets rise and fall, and you’re scarred… but smarter.

You’re at a place in life and business that’s comfortable, but you want more, much more.

You know the value of a network that feeds you deals and capital, and you know how crazy-hard it is to find one.

Welcome to the Self Storage Mastermind

I founded the Self Storage Mastermind for three simple reasons…

I wanted a place dedicated to sharing the best, most powerful self storage investing strategies with other elite investors who were serious about building wealth.

Deal Flow
I wanted deal flow! I have a good pipeline for deals, but NOW is the time to capitalize on self storage opportunities, and I’ve got more capital than deals.

I wanted to connect others with capital for their deals. I and other investors like to participate in a variety of deals, not just the ones we control directly.

Bottom line, what we have to offer is…

Community. Capital. Deal Flow.

scott-meyersThe Self Storage Mastermind is THE premier group in the country for sharing ideas, deals, and capital, and I hope you’ll consider applying to join us at our next exclusive meeting.

To Wealth and Freedom,

Scott Meyers
Founder, Self Storage Mastermind Community

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Community. Capital. Deal Flow.

  • The ONLY Mastermind for Self-Storage Investors

    Self Storage is a unique type of real estate, and we focus exclusively on Self Storage investing strategies. It’s all we do.

  • Only Hand-picked Participants Invited

    Invitations to join our community aren’t handed out lightly. In order to serve our members, we limit membership to elite investors who can bring deals and capital.

  • Millions in Deal Flow Presented at Every Meeting

    We require that members bring exclusive deals to our quarterly meetings. What would it be worth to you to get access to off-market deals worth millions?

  • Raise Capital for the Deals You Bring

    We don’t just share deal opportunities. We also fund deals that fellow members bring using our own capital and that of our private investors.

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In our members’ words…

It won’t take a long time to realize that if you’re looking for a secure, backed investment that will get you a better rate of return, this is something you need to take a look at. Value across the board … the knowledge is valuable, the opportunities are valuable — priceless. Outstanding.

Armand Dorico, Alpharetta, GA

This is the first time I’ve felt so confident that I can do this. Having this Mastermind, it invigorates you again, and you get excited again and then you do more work. This is how I feel that we’re going to succeed. I am very certain that we are going to meet our goal.

Delilah Derford, Morganhill, CA

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Next Steps…

After you complete the application, my assistant will schedule a time for the two of us to discuss your situation and goals, and if we both agree that you’re a good fit for the group, I’ll invite you to attend our next meeting.

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