Community. Capital. Dealflow.

It’s taken Scott Meyers, the founder of the Self Storage Mastermind Community, years to build a network of this caliber, one that shares strategies, deals, and capital in an exclusive environment.

Now he’s opening the door to you.

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How much wealth you create in the next five years will be the average of the 5-10 people nearest you. Want to increase your net worth? Then improve your network.

The Self Storage Mastermind is made up of a group of elite self storage investors who gather for intensive meetings four times per year in beautiful locations around the US.

Members rub shoulders with other “top 1%” self storage entrepreneurs, share invaluable investing strategies, and get access to millions in capital and dealflow opportunities.

This is an uncommon opportunity to accelerate your wealth-building, and such an opportunity may never come again.

Who are we?

scott-meyersLed by Scott Meyers, widely acknowledged as one of the leading experts on Self Storage investing, the Self Storage Mastermind is designed for highly-experienced Self Storage owners and principals only. All members of the Mastermind must be entrepreneurial and have a proven track record.

Within the group, we support, encourage and challenge each other, sharing strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies, and resources. The goal of the Mastermind is to empower you as a self storage investor with the connections, deals, and capital you need to reach your personal and financial goals.

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Benefits of Membership

  • Access to a community of very high-level Self Storage Entrepreneurs where lifelong friendships are built
  • Access to Capital for your deals
  • Direct access to off-market Dealflow (members are required to bring deals to every meeting)
  • Accountability via personal calls with founder Scott Meyers for developing and applying lasting, strategic changes in your business.
  • Focus. You’ll come away from each Mastermind with a ’90-day action plan’ that simplifies all the ‘could be doing’ activities down into the two or three ones that will have the most impact.
  • Between meetings, stay connected to other members and to ongoing deal opportunities via our online community portals.

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