The Self Storage Mastermind


“We are a friends and family run company. Because of Scott Meyers Self Storage Investing we were able to dream big and see possibilities for our lives. Tell your best friend, his wife, his brother-in-law, your wife, and your current business partners to quit their jobs & their clients and start a brand-new company when you have mouths to feed and no end idea how to make those ends meet. That’s what we did. Our operations partner Jon Clark, quit his teaching and state-run football championship team to run this company. Our Head of construction, quit his stable well-paying job to run our construction team: Erica Clark (Jon’s Wife) got her real estate license, and quit teaching forgoing her full pension, our head of development pushed all his clients to the side to run DD & development, our 2 brokers quit their jobs at both CBRE & costar, and I gave up many clients to pursue this endeavor. Looking back is for suckers, we are only looking forward. Tell us we are wrong, I think not. Are we all in, you better believe we are.”
Courtney Galyan & Jon Juhrs

Resolute Ventures Group

Scott invited to the Mastermind when I purchased my first facility. I was hesitant at first because having been a trial lawyer for so long, I didn’t know if this was for me; participating in Live/In Person Events and Monthly Zoom Calls. 

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Once I made the commitment to join, two hours into my first meeting, I text both my sons and said ‘This is awesome and this was the right thing to do! Fast forward a few years and my sons and I now have 6 facilities, building a 7th and it’s because of the different approaches that this group has. They give you a great deal to think about and they meet you where you’re at.

– Rick Gibson

Looking at my very first facility, how do I bring this all together? You got to find the deal, you got to find the capital, and the team that brings it together. Going with and processing through the Home Study and the Scott Meyers program, it helped me understand the pieces I was missing. “

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The biggest thing about any start-up, of any business, of any idea is you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s a lot better to seek out mentors and others that are already doing it, that already paved the way. I’m a firm believer of putting yourself around others who can help you, and that’s what the Program has done for me..

-James Reid

We found a deal that we brought to the Mastermind. It’s a development deal, because our market is so competitive. And we presented it, and I got a whole lot of recommendations…

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…on how to present it to the bank, how to present it to other investors… You get to where you can distill down the information, and you can spot good properties. Just with three or four ticks off of your list, then you know whether or not you want to go deeper. And in the whole process of everything, we had investors falling in love with our project as much as we are in love with it.

I could see how I would just want to come to every Mastermind there is.

– Monica Owen

Apply for the mastermind

If you think that you’re a good fit then go ahead and apply. After we receive your application you will receive a call and we will invest 20-30 minutes on the phone together to determine if you are a good fit for the mastermind.