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Date Aug 20 - Aug 21, 2019

Location Indianapolis, IN

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In our members' words

We found a deal that we brought to the Mastermind. It's a development deal, because our market is so competitive. And we presented it, and I got a whole lot of recommendations on how to present it to the bank, how to present it to other investors... You get to where you can distill down the information, and you can spot good properties. Just with three or four ticks off of your list, then you know whether or not you want to go deeper. And in the whole process of everything, we had investors falling in love with our project as much as we are in love with it.

I could see how I would just want to come to every Mastermind there is.

Monica Owen

Past Events Headline

Las Vegas, NV

Our quarterly Mastermind and Mentoring took place this April in front of the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

Days Saturday, 04/08 & Sunday, 04/09/2017
Number in Attendance 22 Attendees
Dealflow discussed (dollar amount) $7,884,000
Average value of all deals presented $1.57 Million/Deal
Tampa, Florida

We had a full room of 19 A-Players during this Mastermind Meeting in sunny Tampa, FL. For 2 FULL days, we rolled through 10 deals, followed by a number of strategies that were shared across the table. In addition, each attendee briefly discussed their business plans and goals for the year ahead. The event was capped off with a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the World Famous Bern’s Steakhouse and Wine Cellar!

Days 2
Attendance 19
Dealflow Discussed $13 million
Average Value of all Deals Presented $1 million
Indianapolis, IN

Our 2nd quarter Mastermind was our most successful yet! We had a total of 13 Self Storage Rockstars in attendance, and spent 2 days of intensive deal analysis – so many deals that we decided not to leave for lunch so we could get through them all. Each attendee gave an update on their Goals and Action Plans for the new year to gauge progress, and ensure accountability. We also discussed important details and changes in the industry and ways to improve the group’s overall investing strategies. We then went out for an evening stroll down The Trendy Mass Ave. Arts District to network and enjoy an off the shelf dinner at “Mesh on Mass”

Days 2
Attendance 13
Dealflow Discussed $12 million
Average Value of all Deals Presented $1.15 million
Denver, Colorado

We had a wonderful mix of both seasoned investors and newbies in the room. After the first long day in the meeting room, we decided to let loose with some local fare and entertainment. After steak dinners at Ted’s Montana Grill (known for their tasty bison burgers and steaks), we then loaded up on Banjo Billy’s Tour Bus. This tour was a memorable -- one that even the locals talk about! It was great to go around the city and hear about past history, tall tales and ghost stories.

Days 2
Attendance 20
Dealflows Discussed $11 million
Average Value of all Deals Presented $1.1 million
Downtown Indianapolis

Our quarterly Mastermind and Mentoring will take place this April in front of the ISS World Expo. More details to come.