The Self-Storage Mastermind

Who are we?

Led by Scott Meyers, widely acknowledged as one of the leading experts on Self-Storage investing, the Self-Storage Mastermind is designed for highly-experienced Self-Storage owners and principals only. All members of the Mastermind must be entrepreneurial and have a proven track record.

Within the group, we support, encourage and challenge each other, sharing strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies, and resources. The goal of the Mastermind is to empower you as a self-storage investor with the connections, deals, and capital you need to reach your personal and financial goals.

Meet Scott

Scott Meyers is acknowledged as one of the nation’s leading experts on Self Storage Investing. He has built several multi-million businesses in real estate and his self-storage business, with ‘no toilets, tenants, or trash’, is amongst his most successful ventures! Scott is an expert at teaching others how to grow and scale their self-storage business, while creating their dream lifestyle for their families. 

Scott has built several multi-million dollar businesses in real estate from single family flips, to multi-family projects, industrial buildings, commercial office buildings, cold-storage buildings, warehousing, parking lots, and his favorite – self-storage.

The key to Scott’s success is in paying attention to mistakes and becoming an expert at not making the same one twice. Along the way, Scott has become an expert at teaching others about starting and scaling their own self-storage businesses.

No Guru-speak here

Scott is candid about both his success and failures, which includes a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for one of his companies, to which he credits as his biggest lesson to date. Why mention this? Unlike other groups, we tell it like it is. If you present a “dog” of a deal, we’ll tell you. There’s also a strict “leave your ego at the door” policy. We speak honestly and directly. No filler. No nonsense.


Who is the Self-Storage Mastermind for?

The Self-Storage Mastermind group is designed for highly experienced self-storage owners, founders and principals only. The ideal investor is looking to move beyond coaching and connect with an investor community to share and evaluate self-storage opportunities.
For this reason, we put an application process in place to build the group with the right blend of strategic thinkers who can also actively contribute to the group. Apply now.

How are the Mastermind intensive meetings structured?

During the Mastermind group meetings, Self-Storage owners & entrepreneurs privately discuss their challenges, take deals apart and put them back together, solve tough problems in real-time, and share the results of their latest successes.

We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources.

Our evenings are spent relaxing and networking at special gatherings such as VIP steak dinners, private tours of top restaurants and breweries, host city sightseeing, and special wine tasting events.

Is the Mastermind worth my time away from my business?

It seems counterintuitive to take time away from the office to increase the profitability of your business. However, the investment you make in sharpening your mindset and strategies can immeasurably impact your business, save you time on the back end, and create invaluable connections to invest your capital.

Our meetings are structured so you can focus on growing your business rather than being ‘in your business,’ distraction-free.

Think about how much you can accomplish in this time, free from employees and interruptions, with the collective intelligence of the group providing you insights and ideas that you would not have thought of on your own.

Is the information shared at the Mastermind kept confidential?

All information shared in the Mastermind is confidential and for members only. There is a trust that exists within the group where tools, tactics, strategies and techniques can be duplicated from one market to another. However, duplication of another member’s business model is not permitted or tolerated.

Apply for the mastermind

If you think that you’re a good fit then go ahead and apply. After we receive your application you will receive a call and we will invest 20-30 minutes on the phone together to determine if you are a good fit for the mastermind.